States of Ordis


The Founding

Once The Kingdom of Ordis, Ordis was founded by Malkar Ordis, also known as Malkar of Dragon’s Blood. He was said to be the first Dragonborn and a demi-god born of Zu’dorabeth’s blood after her battle with her brother Fellbeth during The Separation. He wandered the world cleansing it of demons and devils in “The Black Era”. After The Black Era ended Ordis had already been founded, due to lack of recorded history the exact founding of Ordis is unknown. However, the only thing that seems to be clear is that Ordis was founded by Malkar and his allies.

The First Fall of Ordis

Roughly 80 years after the first documented mention of Ordis “The Great Storm” began. Malkar, along with his allies died and Ordis was destroyed. Records during this time are almost non-existent and all we can do is piece together a few theories about what happened.

The Rise of a Kingdom

The next record of Ordis does not appear until 87 years later; the records of Ordis, discovered in a Dwarven Mine in the “D.W.L”, are plans for building “The Red Goblet” that still stands in Central City. After this recording there is little documentation until Ordis founded the Bardic College of Lore in East City and began keeping records.

States of Ordis

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